The Car

The car of choice for this rally is a freshly prepared Mercedes 230 SL- Pagoda from 1966.
Originally from the US, Mick purchased the originally white Pagode a year ago and asked Classic Rally specialist Jan Altena to turn it in a spectacular endurance rally car. The objective was to use all the experienced gained with the ‘Lady in Red’ the Mercedes 280SE -3.5 V8 that Mick and Anty so succesfully used in three endurance rallies and to build a lighter faster car for the 2016 Peking tor Paris rally.

Yes you read it here first! Mick and Anty have entered again for the Peking to Paris rally in 2016!

The car was finished early January 2015 and the Trans America Challenge will be used as a test event for the 2016 P2P. You will see from the pictures that much was done to the Pagode and it was painted in to the familiar Red and White colours of the Lady in Red. The rebuild has resulted in a weight saving of 75 kg over the original car. Springs , rear suspension and brakes were modified to stand up to the rigours of the Peking to Paris Challenge.

For the Trans America the car is fitted with the ‘soft top’ but for P2P the Pagode hard top ( in white) will be fitted. The car is packed with a good supply of spare parts but through the help of our good friend Han Tjan of Daimler USA we can count on the support of the Mercedes Classic USA division during our US and Canada Challenge.