Anthony ( Anty) Verloop

Born on the 14th of May 1952 in Naarden (NL)
married for 26 years to Sonja, from Enschede (NL).

They met in Amsterdam, were they lived the first years of their marriage, before returning to Naarden. Two children: son Joris 24, studying in Utrecht and daughter Carlot 22, studying in Amsterdam.
After studying Building Engineering (HTS Utrecht) Anthony has worked since 1978 in the real estate business (project development, investment and financing) and is currently risk manager with SNS Property Finance International; financing investment and development real estate in Europe and Northern America. In 1985 a Real Estate Broker exam was added.
The same as Mick, cars have always been his passion and rally driving of special interest. As a little boy Anty had a poster of the first Porsche 911 above his bed on which he added by drawing some typical rally attributes. At that time he also dreamed of a plan to drive to India with a Land Rover, together with his father and brother, which never happened. Now a “few” years later, this dream will become reality.
In 1979 the passion for cars was translated in the purchase of a second hand MGB GT V8 (an original right hand drive 1973 Leyland Works car with the 3,5 litre Buick / Rover V8 engine). After a major refurbishment in the mid 1990’s, this car is still in his possession and is going well.
Although keeping up a classic car can be considered as a kind of sport, other sports exercised by Anty are golf, skiing, mountain biking, mountain hiking and sailing. More official tasks beside normal work are: Treasurer of the “Gooische Ondernemers Sociëteit”, Initiator and managing member of the “Gooische Automobielen Sociëteit” (GAS) and not in the latest place taking care of the day to day family “business affairs” for his parents (93 and 88 years old).