Selection of the Car

Ah ha, the car!
Now that is another story.
por01Mick is a Porsche fan and driver since 1982. Anty owns a rare MGB V8 since 1979. It was quickly decided that the MG would be too precious to offer for this rally so Mick talked to his friend and Classic Porsche specialist Bob Hahn.

A 356B was the car and Bob located a perfect example that had been painstakingly prepared for and had finished the 2006 Amsterdam Peking Rally without a problem.
We loved it and talked the owner Rob Vorspaget into selling the car to us. Rob is a perfectionist, the 356 was like new! (On this Himalaya Trial he has entered a 911.)

por02Oh! You will say. But now you are driving an M.F. Mercedes Benz. And not the Porsche 356 B! Well that is another story but to keep it short we did the 2008 Winter Trial with the 356 (see pictures) loved it but also decided that one week in that tiny environment would be enough.

por03Six weeks would be too much as there is no space for spares. Let alone underpants… Bart Rietbergen was not planning a extra truck for spare parts and extra stuff so we had to think of plan B. This was February 2008.

On the Winter Trial we noticed some very nicely prepared Mercedes Benz cars and talked to the owners. Back in Holland Mick called MB NL Communications director Huub Dubbelman (yes its useful to have the contacts) and asked him who could help to locate and prepare an MB for our event.

Huub put Mick in touch with Robert Scheerboom, MB’s Classic expert and walking encyclopaedia for the mark. Robert got us together with Geert Jansen in Ulft where we discovered the Classic MB world.
The combination of Geert and Robert is magic and after a few meetings the ideal car was located. A chocolate metallic brown 1970 280 SE Coupe 3.5 V8 (“Flachkuhler”).
A limo compared with the 356.
Lots of room inside lots of space in the boot, air conditioning and lots of fuel consumption.