The plan

Once we got the enthusiastic support of our wives and children we asked Bart Rietbergen for permission to enter.

This on its own is a bit of a ritual as he decides if he wants you there or not. I don’t blame him when you have to live with these people for 6 weeks in rather unusual circumstances.

So we were nice to Bart for some time and yes; we paid him some money too. (Twice actually by accident)

Bart gave us the entry (no 12) for the rally.

Apart from some local Dutch charity touring-events our experience in rally-driving was none. So the first thing we decided was to enter for the 2008 Winter Trial. This gave us time to test our chosen car, our ability to live together in a small car for days on end.

Furthermore, were we able to navigate our way to the hotel every night (and stay together in one room for a long time)? Winter Trial 2008 was the perfect way to find this out.