Car No 12 on Winter Trial.

This time the Mercedes Benz is going the tackle the 10 th Winter Trial

Dear Friends,

It is more then a year after the finish of the Himalaya Trial and exactly one year after the finish of the 09 Winter Trial that we are ready for out next adventure “The Winter Trial 2010”. Those of you who followed our adventures during the Himalaya Trial will not be surprised to see that we are on the road again.
The Winter Trial was an event we did in January 2008 and was our first rally ever. Before the Himalaya Trial and before we knew what we would experience during this event we entered for the 2009 Winter Trial.(see the Rally menu)

And now we do it again the Winter Trial 2010

There have been moments in November 2008 that Anty and I said “never again” but closer to the finish we reserved our final decision until we got home. It was tough the first few weeks after the Himalaya Trial. We, like many other competitors, had great difficulty shaking off the six week long experience. Many nights waking up in the middle of India and during daytime trying to get back into normal life proved very difficult. However there were also many happy memories, pictures and bits of film that revived the whole story for us. There was even a reunion of Himalaya Trial competitors in April last year.

Interestingly enough if you care to take a look at the 2008 Himalaya Trial Route then you will realise that had we tried to drive the same route in 2009 it would have been impossible.

Since 2008 there are troubles in Iran, Pakistan and India. Many of them in area’s that we travelled through and many of them that are now no go area’s for foreigners.So all in all a great adventure!

Next up is the Winter Trial in what we hope is safer territory – Austria-Slovenia-Cjech Republic- Austria in 6 days of hard rallying.

Then In October 2010 we will tackle the Carrera Copacabana . Starting in Buenos Aires- Argentina via Peru, Chilli to Rio for the finish.

Watch this space!

In mean time you can follow our progress on the 10 Winter Trial starting this Sunday..

Mick & Anty

So we decided to do the week long Winter Trial again with the Mercedes startnumber 12 of course.