The car

Porsche 356 B from 1961.
The car was completely rebuilt in 2005 and rally prepared by Louis Ten Haaf and Piet Kraan (engine) for Rob Vorpaget who competed and finished in the 2006 Amsterdam –Beijing rally.
We bought it from Rob (who also competed the Himalaya Trial in a Porsche 911) in 2007 with the objective to use this car for our Himalaya Rally.
After the Winter Trial 2008 we decided to find a bigger car for the Himalaya, which became the Benz. However we kept the 356 and will use it for shorter rallies if and when time and budget permits.
Louis Ten Haaf and Piet Kraan gave the 356 a complete check up last summer.
Piet Kraan re-tuned the engine as it was detuned for the Amsterdam –Being. The car has now at least 20 hp more (Approx 90-95hp) and the engine revs and runs like a dream.
Louis fitted a special heater (Webasto) to compensate for the poor original heating system.
Vredestein winter tyres were fitted and the suspension was softened to suit the wintry conditions. We have had little time to fully test the car but we have driven in the wintry conditions that we have had in Europe over the past few weeks.
At one stage it was 8 below zero and the car was behaving very well.
The car and the crew are ready to go.