The Winter Trial 2010

Mick & Anty will tackle the Winter Trial for the third time since 2008.

We are entered in the Club class, which considering that this is an official FIA Classic rally is tough enough for our skills. However this time we will drive the ‘Himalaya Mercedes Benz’ instead of the ‘Peking’ Porsche 356 that we used in the two previous Winter Rallies.

Because we made some technical changes to the Mercedes that we want to try out before our next ‘big’ Rally, the Carrera Copacabana in October (see Car) and because we want to find out what its like to drive the Benz in severe winter conditions. Thirdly because the Benz gives Anty  a bit more space to work in his navigation ‘office’.

As a now regular customer of Bart Rietbergen we requested and got the now familiar No: 12 start number. Quite a privilege in this rally as the top start numbers are usually reserved for the Trial Class competitors.So we will start between the crème de la crème of international classic rallies. Most of them are Brits who seem to tackle these type of rallies twice a month.Classic Events celebrates 10 years of Winter Trial and for that reason they allowed over 115! Entries instead of the usual 100 limit. It also shows that these events are getting more and more popular even in lean times.

Congratulations Classic events!

The Rally will start on Sunday 25 January from St Wolfgang near Salzburg in Austria.
The first day will takes us to Ljubljana in beautiful Slovenia.
Monday will be in Slovenia and will bring us back to same hotel in Ljubljana.
Tuesday from there to ski resort Maribor, Wednesday from Maribor to Krems, Wednesday from Krems to Svaty Jan – Czech Republic. Thursday from ‘Sweaty John’ to Linz – Austria and Friday from Linz to St Wolfgang for the finish.The weather forecast for that area changes daily but we are counting on the worst..(and wurst)

Anty will do the navigation and has been tracking the maps of the route already for the past two weeks. Mick will do the driving and will try and keep the big Benz on the road.

We will try and make a short report after every day and send some pictures so watch this space.